Deactivated Facebook

I just deactivated Facebook last night. Too much hate going on. Too much hurtful shit. 
What’s more is that I was also a big part of it. I need to cleanse myself. Hopefully it is going to stick this time.

However I am suffering from withdrawal symptoms right now. I am checking my phone every few minutes and my thumb is swapping again and again where the Facebook icon or widget used to be. 

It’s really annoying. I hope I get out of it soon.

The pros of taking this step are that I am able to work on more important things that I was just procrastinating with. 

Like I am able to think of what to write as well. I am able to read more and study more. Work on my home more.

Well let’s see how long I can put up without it.



Hi! I may be a world of things, double masters, aspiring novelist, a businesswoman and what not. That's just it with education and other things I went about. But to be honest, I am just a bored housewife with a laptop and a cupboard full of art supplies. So Here is my Blog about how I spend my day, kill time and do things that pull me up from borderline insanity. So, welcome to my blog! Please feel free to leave your comments, criticism or suggestions. Also, please like and vote and share if you find anything worth your time or interest. Appreciation goes a loooooong way. Happy reading! God bless!

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