Crochet Baby Blanket and Cap Set

The stork is due for a visit the homes of many friends and relatives soon.  So I am doing my homework.

There is nothing better than giving a gift which you made by yourself. I feel it is just a little but extra special. A bit of your heart goes into it, besides your time and effort.

I have set on the task of making blanket and cap sets for the coming babies. I am slowly working on my stash of wool and so I am clubbing larger quantity shades into cute combinations for girls or boys. Don’t want to stereotype, but unisex colours are limited and funny.

So I checked the colours I had and took some inspiration from the internet. There are plenty of amazing combinations.

These matched with the colours I had and I need to make four sets altogether for now.

So I made this first one using blue and fuschia. It turned out great!

It tuned out great. I just used simple sets of three double crochet stitches to make this granny like blanket. Didn’t follow any pattern, just went with the flow of it.

Anyhow, it was a 33 x 30 inch blanket that could be used for quite some time. I make a simple border of half moons to give the edging a finished look. 

Once the blanket was done, I made a simple hat with a poufy pompom at the top. It looks so cute!

It turned out pretty neat so I set about making the next blanket. I call it the Pink Garden.

Here, I used fuschia, rose pink, white and a very beautiful leaf green.

This required more work than the previous one. I made individual squares, 48 of them and then as I worked on the green parts, I brought the blanket together.



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