Yeah, That last post happened a long time ago, when I was more and more in my poetic element, mostly because I had been teaching poetry (Okay, they were mostly sing along rhymes) to little rug rats in the school I had been working in.

Anyhow, it’s almost a year later and now I am in Dubai with my husband. Limited to household duties, wifely ones and usual ones that ladies of my capability are supposed to do. Like cook, clean and house sit.

So I have been asking myself questions like – what am I doing with my life? Valid point. Because I am an M.A. in English Literature and M.B.A. plus presently studying for a Doctorate. Man, I am on a roll.

Unfortunately, the competition is really tough in this place so I am limited to being at home. Which is why, I am getting more and frustrated day by day so here I am writing a blog. I have two others on Blogger that I have barely touched in the past four, five years? Yeah, I know, I am pathetic.

I love arts and crafts, crocheting, DIY projects. I want to be able to inspire other women like me to spend their time in doing something worthwhile. I hope I am able to do that through this blog. So here goes nothing.

I am going to document my projects here little by little and see how far it goes. Need some motivation, guys! Let the love flow! Let me know! If you like the show!

Okay, enough dumb rapping. I am going to see myself out 😛











Hi! I may be a world of things, double masters, aspiring novelist, a businesswoman and what not. That's just it with education and other things I went about. But to be honest, I am just a bored housewife with a laptop and a cupboard full of art supplies. So Here is my Blog about how I spend my day, kill time and do things that pull me up from borderline insanity. So, welcome to my blog! Please feel free to leave your comments, criticism or suggestions. Also, please like and vote and share if you find anything worth your time or interest. Appreciation goes a loooooong way. Happy reading! God bless!

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