Dream Catcher

Sounds lovely, doesn’t it? Dream catcher. Something that catches dreams. 

Native American women used to make it for their children to have sweet dreams and that if any bad influencers like demons and Boogeyman (pun intended) came to disrupt them, the dream catchers would ward those suckers out.

They are usually hung over the bead posts. 

Anyway, I didn’t make it because of particular folklore or traditional element. I made it because it looks so beautiful. 

My bedroom walls are mostly bare because we just moved in a few months ago and the house still needs a lot of decor. 

There is a shop close to my place which sells amazing things like feathers and other things you don’t normally find in other stationeries. So I grabbed these beautiful pink and white plumes for my dream catcher. I also wanted something to contrast so I got the whispy brown coloured feathers to provide that balance.

I am not a pro at it so I must have refered to at least ten videos and links as to how to go about it.

I wanted the same theme as my feathers because I have plenty of things to match with it like beads and pearls and little trinkets that I have added as details.

Also, to hang the trinkets, many tutorials suggested twine or leather strips. Leather, being more smooth gives a clean finish but twine can be used for a more rustic feel, I suppose. I should have used that too. I had some in my art and craft treasures.

Anyhow, hubby was away on a business trip and I was too spooked to sleep early. So I set myself to the task and finished the frames first.

It wasnt much work, I cut out some cardboard and then wrapped it with wool as close and neat as possible (while watching the sitcom Community).

Once my frames were compete, I started working on the weaving part with my pink silken thread. Here is an easy way to do it.

Before starting out, I marked the intervals as to where and how many spots should the weave align. For the bigger frame I marked 16 evenly spaced intervals and for the smaller frame, I opted for 9.   

Then I began to weave. It wasn’t very difficult, best done with a sewing needle. As I wove the pattern, I also added the beads that I had, in random spots. It turned out pretty well.

Next, I attached the feathers and trinkets to the leather strips and also added matching beads to them. 

I checked the overall look by roughly placing them on a flat surface along the frames to see how they would appear when finished.

Finally, taking a glue gun, I wound the prepped leather bits to the frame and attached them in a solid hold. 

So there were two frames that I used. One was larger than the other, it being on top. The smaller one at the bottom. I used three large feathers and plenty of smaller ones.

It’s better to hang the larger feathers to the sides and then another one at the bottom to maintain a triangular symmetry. That’s how I did in mine. But there are plenty of other ways to make dream catchers. There is no set rule.

I made two of these and hung them above each side of the bedpost. They look so pretty, feathers swaying at night, so dainty and comforting. 

It hardly took any time to make and is a treat to see whenever I enter the bedroom.



Hi! I may be a world of things, double masters, aspiring novelist, a businesswoman and what not. That's just it with education and other things I went about. But to be honest, I am just a bored housewife with a laptop and a cupboard full of art supplies. So Here is my Blog about how I spend my day, kill time and do things that pull me up from borderline insanity. So, welcome to my blog! Please feel free to leave your comments, criticism or suggestions. Also, please like and vote and share if you find anything worth your time or interest. Appreciation goes a loooooong way. Happy reading! God bless!

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